Tuesday, August 22, 2017

At the top of a high tree.

I used to love exploring when I was a child. I loved taking part of adventures and any kind of outdoor activities like climbing trees, riding my purple bike or just having walks with my brother and my cousins. I also enjoyed reading very much and I remember having a special place to do it. I used to climb the highest tree in my house, it had some brunches at the top that joined and created the best atmosphere to read. I felt free there, I could see green everywhere, the sky and some birds near me. I used to spend hours there reading or writing. Everything was great there until one of my oldest cousins, who is ten years older than me, gave me the best book I had ever read: "Elige tu propia aventura: Atlantis, la ciudad perdida". I just got fascinated by that book! I could choose the course of the story, it was amazing. I spent a whole summer changing the course of it and finding all the posible endings it could have. I still have that book, I'm keeping it for my son.


  1. Excellent book. I read it and it's a really good book. Thanks for reminding me that experience. Hahaha

  2. It sounds like a magical reading spot!! And the collection of choosing your own adventure is great!!


The Cleaner

Suspence Short Story by: Corvalan Daiana, Diaz Julia, Medina Marina, Santos Noelia.