Thursday, July 13, 2017

Technology in the classroom II

To coontinue with my previous post, I have chosen to post an article that I have found really interesting. It is regarding technology in the classroom, the importance of including it and how to do it. Teachers are sometimes afraid on including technology, this is just because they feel uncomfortable with it or because they do not know hot to implement it. Here you can find some ideas to start with...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Technology in the classroom

I'm going to share my experience as a teacher using technology inside a classroom. Nowadays we, as teachers, are asked no to let students use their mobiles inside the classroom which, by the way, I find ridiculous since this device is immersed in our society and students are the ones who use them more. From my point of view we have to take advantage from their knowledge on technology, use devices as a tool and not forbbide them since they may result incredible useful inside the classroom. Last year I started trying to insert this device in the classroom by asking students to download some apps to use in class like "Oxford, English-English dictionary". As a result I got really engaged students who were happy because this "forbbiden device" was now at their disposal and it was not a sin to use it in class.
 This year I decided to go further, I started using google docs to share ideas and to do homework online. I'm using it with my students from 1st, 2nd and 6th year in secondary school. The result has been great up to now. I have more engaged students, homework is really easy to correct, I just add some comments from my laptop and then we discuss in class.They can also work from their mobile phones or tablets. They can take all the files in there. Next step is to create presentations from google docs, I will try to work on the reader we are about to start reading through google... let's see how it goes...


Here I leave a link of an article that gives us a crealy description on FLA. It has also included a video on "Behaviouris second language acquisition" which is really clear and useful.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Instructional Sequence

Create a brochure of your town for tourists.
Look at a city’s map. Cut out the words at the bottom of the page and label the streets or avenues and the most important places you know such as “hospital, park, police station, restaurant, etc...”
Read a brief description of each place and match it with the name of the place. Example: people go there when they are injured or ill, we can find it on the corner of Tapia de Cruz Av. and San lorenzo St.
Watch a short video of people giving and asking for directions in the street. Identufy the amount of speakers, recognice places and important info about them. (Take down notes)
Watch the video again and complete the sentences with the correct information about the places.
Invent a town, draw a map of it and provide suitable information of places. Do not forget to include streets and avenues.
In groups of 4 choose a town from your country, search some information about it on the internet. Create a brochure of that town. Deliver an oral presentation as if you were tourist guides presenting a town.

Pedagogical tasks: Macrofunction, Microfunction and Grammar.

Create a brochure of touristic places in your town. The students will have to guide tourists to the places they want to know.

Exchanging goods and services.

Asking for and giving directions.
Wh- questions.
Yes/No questions
(Ask and answer)
Ex: * Where is..?
* Where can I find..?
* Would you tell me..?
* Excuse me...
Role-play. Creating a band.
In groups of three the students will have to give their band a name and create a logo for it. Then they’ll have to introduce themselves using personal information and information of the band such as which kind of music they play.


Exchanging personal Information.



-Action verbs.

-Simple present (routine).

Growing seeds

Growing Seeds

Our work as teachers is mainly that of an agricultural. We have to see our students as seeds that need to be care, rather than empty recipients to be filled. If we take care of "our" seeds, they will grow and bloom. We have to provide them with the appropriate environment, soil, irrigation and sunlight for them to grow. Let´s see them as all different kinds of seeds that will be different in shape but beautiful at the end. Never let our seeds die. Our job is to guide them and help them grow, we will see that they'll shine with their own light at the end.

Technology in the classroom II

To coontinue with my previous post, I have chosen to post an article that I have found really interesting. It is regarding technology in the...